Monthly Archives: March 2011

the philosophy of opening one’s eyes

Welcome to the first post of The Semioptician – an online exploration of visual culture in all its ever-multiplying and breeding incarnations.  If the medium is the message, this blog is a process of beginning to decode it.  Expect words, images, sounds, art, free-verse, essays, mash-ups, haiku, modernism, post-modernism, post-post-modernism, deconstruction, reconstruction, visual anthropology, ontology, tautology, epistemology, pragmatism, impracticality, observations, invitations, musings, perusings, confusings…  Sometimes I will entertain the lovechild of those recently-met bedfellows academia and pop culture, as beautiful, surreal, and (hopefully) illuminating as Lautreamont’s sewing machine and umbrella side by side on that fabled dissecting table.  Sometimes I will be entertained – hopefully you will be as well.  Seeing is not necessarily believing, and believing may not always require seeing, but this blog will plunge into the visuality of the 21st century with eyes wide open, blind in neither sight nor thought.