Monthly Archives: June 2012

the final countdown!

So, having just graduated from college, the big question I’ve been getting is:

“What’s next?”

This is what’s next: the five of us, dreaming the shared dream of making a movie.         From left to right: Kaitlin, Edee, Sam D, ME, Baby Jack.

Well, among other things, my immediate future consists of making THIS low-budget first indie feature with my close friend Sam D, and our fellow CAMS majors Jack, Kaitlin and Edee.  We don’t start shooting in Northfield until August, but pre-production is starting to consume my life in that good-busy-oh-my-god-this-is-actually-happening sort of way.  I’ll be posting my thoughts, frustrations, and sundry other reactions to and musings on the filmmaking process here, and on our project blog, which I am currently in the process of setting up — links shall be forthcoming!

In the meantime, if you want to watch a super cute video of us asking for money, check out our Kickstarter — we just reached our funding goal, but to be totally honest, the $5000 we were asking for only covers a portion of what we really need to make shooting the movie happen, let alone post-production, and of course, submitting this gem of an indie flick to Sundance.  (I need to get back to my breeding grounds of Park City somehow…)

So if you’re interested in supporting us — THERE ARE THREE DAYS LEFT!!!  As the little banner on our Kickstarter page declares: “THIS PROJECT WILL BE FUNDED ON SUNDAY JUN 24, 12:02PM CDT.”  That being said, if you’d like to send us a check directly, that still helps (and maybe helps even more!) since then Kickstarter takes no cut from that donation (and we’ll still give you perks, like DVDs and posters!).  But whatever way anyone wants to support us, we’re so grateful for the assistance — and for all the support we’ve already received thus far; it’s been so heartening and thrilling to see 102 (!) get behind us financially, let alone the many, many friends and family who are giving us housing, food, moral support, and plain old encouragement.  These are the things we dream of, literally, in this immediate post-grad moment of our collective lives.

Speaking of non-monetary forms of support, we’ll also soon be updating our new blog and Facebook pages with other exciting ways for you to help out!  I’m just getting cracking on props, costumes, and other art department things, and we’ve still got some locations to nail down, which are all things that we would love to turn to our community of supporters as we prepare to have the best mise-en-scene (lighting, costumes, set, props, fun stuff!) that we can possibly pull together.  And of course, if anyone wants to get involved, please please please email us at — we can undoubtedly find a variety of ways for you to contribute your efforts, which we appreciate so much!