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in the aftermath of #irene…


Thank you Twitterverse,
you keep me company through
lonely hurricanes.



Oh, Cassavetes:
you act and direct as if
to capture my soul.



When you are trapped with
a great film, there is nothing
like Criterion.

on the twelvth day of shooting



Another day spent
Making mother’s favorite
Cinema happen.



At Anthology
At Walter the clockmaker’s
At last the graveyard.



(Check IndieGoGo:
We have a dream that only
YOU can keep alive…)

when i make movies, i can only write haiku.

#8. This is my life now/except when I am doing/many other things.


Time divorced itself
From reality to find
Us, living the dream.



God must have shot a
Movie in Manhattan to
Create the oceans.



(that’s how much we sweat,
but like they say, you can’t smell
in the cinema.)



I will go deaf to
Perchance dream of sound speeding
Fast as second sticks.

haiku for visuality: nippon connection, day one


My first impression?
I can speak Japanese, お



The Rise and Fall of
the Unparalleled Band was
low-budget and strange.



Mr. Hide must
require stunner shades because
his film is BRILLIANT.



Just because something’s
from Japan does not mean it
starts on time abroad…

haiku for visuality

Sometimes while I do reading for classes, I write haiku. I am unsure if this is common practice (most people take notes, I think, but I don’t know if textbook-margin-poetry is rampant or not). Anyway, I am currently reading David duChemin’s Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision, which as far as texts for classes go, is rather like getting to eat dessert for dinner. It’s quite provocative, inspiring, and visually snappy. Here are some haiku I wrote while doing last night’s reading.


Every time a
shutter snaps becomes a chance
to see the world new.



Without visionaries
we have senses but no means to
make them meaningful.



All framing is choice
we must exclude in order
to be inclusive.