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why yes, i did meet kate millett

…I also saw Barbara Hammer outside of the IFC screening of her new documentary Maya Deren’s Sink.  Oh yeah, and I’ve seen Maya Deren’s sink.  Like, the actual artifact.  And I have a few of Joseph Cornell‘s paperclips.  (AND HAVE I MENTIONED THAT I’VE PEELED ASPARAGUS WITH ROBERT BEAVERS?  Cause yeah.  That too.  And gotten tipsy with P. Adams Sitney.)

But seriously.  The extent to which I can name-drop in the small but self-loving world of experimental and avant-garde cinema seems astounding to me, and maybe to a handful of people who I hope are reading this blog, but it probably won’t get me far in the “real world” — whatever that might be.

I would, however, like to take a moment to acknowledge the kind of eerie fact that in the last week or so, since having the great honor of returning some film reels from Anthology to famed feminist (and filmmaker) Ms. Millett and her partner, Sophie Keir, the search terms for The Semioptician have included hits for three distinct Kate Millett-related searches, two of which include my name as well.  Which, given that I hadn’t yet blogged about this lucky encounter, was at first rather disconcerting.  It seemed as if WordPress or some unseen search-bot was predicting my blogging predilections.

Then of course I remembered that I had, in fact, tweeted about it.  And Facebook-chatted my friend Rebekah with a rather enigmatic “also do you know who Kate Millett is??”  In light of these remembrances, it’s no longer totally unprecendented that I had a strange deja-vu-ish moment of looking at my blog stats (and yes, I do that, sucker for numbers and ego boosts that I am…) and wondering — did I mysteriously write a blog post that I’d been thinking about writing and then completely forget that I had…?  So thank you, whoever (all three of you?) searched for Kate Millett and found your way here.  It made my (several) (unheimlich) day(s).