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in the aftermath of #irene…


Thank you Twitterverse,
you keep me company through
lonely hurricanes.



Oh, Cassavetes:
you act and direct as if
to capture my soul.



When you are trapped with
a great film, there is nothing
like Criterion.

re-annoucing: the juxtaposition blogathon

So, I am SUPER stoked for back-to-school week, and not just because I get to see everyone at Carleton again, and start taking amazing classes, and ride circles around Northfield to my hearts content — my newest reason for anticipation of said week is that my friend and movie-blogging role-model Andreas is hosting the first every Blogathon at Pussy Goes Grrr, and everybody should take part!  Basically, between September 12-16, you get to write about two or more movies and somehow…juxtapose them…and be part of an awesome week of cinephilia.  Andreas does a better job of explaining the rules, er, guidelines, er…just go here.  All the cool kids will be there.  *dashes off to brainstorm blog ideas…*

about to connect

This post is not my usual quasi-academic musings — I’m simply beyond stoked about what is about to be my life for the next several days: NIPPON CONNECTION, arguably the premiere Japanese film festival outside of Japan, kicks off tonight in Frankfurt, Germany, and yours truly will be there, taking in all the Japanese sights and sounds and tastes (there’s a soba-ya on site!!!).  Since technically I’m supposed to be arriving in Berlin on Thursday to move into our new CAMS Roadtrip housing there, I’m proving my devotion to Japanese film by hitting the festival today, jetting to Berlin tomorrow, and then jetting back at the earliest possible convenience on Friday, so I can enjoy as many new films and (free!) artist talks and lectures as possible.  I’ll do my best to blog as much of it as possible; a whole world of ideas and experiences is awaiting me, and I want to share that and find a way to synthesize it into some semblance of crazily fragmented but totally rich meaningfulness.  Festival structure and attendance is also one of my current fascinations, so look forward to some observations on that — and watch out for lots of random Japanese in my posts.  I’ve been lucky enough to have a Japanese, and then a Korean (whose Japanese was better than her English) roommate at my hostel here in Strasbourg, so linguistically, I’m on a (dragon) roll, as they might say.

I’m especially looking forward to THIS:

There is a free 'Gaming Den' open throughout the festival...any bets as to what I'll be doing when I'm not at talks or screenings?