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on the twelvth day of shooting



Another day spent
Making mother’s favorite
Cinema happen.



At Anthology
At Walter the clockmaker’s
At last the graveyard.



(Check IndieGoGo:
We have a dream that only
YOU can keep alive…)

playing catch up!

It’s been a while since my last post, I know.  And a lot — I mean a LOT — has happened in the interim.  My parents visited, my girlfriend (whoa, my non-heteronormativity is revealed at last!) visited, her mom and sister visited…there was much visiting and rejoicing and theatre and good food to be had by all, for about two glorious weeks.  In that span of time, I also worked my first film festival and saw a fantastic documentary about Bill Cunningham, I experienced an astounding amount of great theatre for pretty decent prices and apparently survived the hell that is Times Square, I enjoyed some Super 8 experimental film by Rachel Rahme at Microscope Gallery in Bushwick (a block from my house, literally), I lost my internet but gained a smart phone, and I turned 21 in style after seeing the opening night preview of Hair at the St. James theatre and watching the sun rise from the window of Yaffa Cafe in St. Mark’s Place.  A great deal of visual culture that I will re-muse on when I have more ample opportunity. 🙂

But now the visitors have all gone home, and I am back to the daily grind of interning at Anthology and the other things that I like to do with my time here in the cultural capital of my rapidly expanding world.  And what, you might wonder, do I do in my ‘spare’ time?  When I’m not traipsing around lower Manhattan picking up Brakhage 35 mm films at the Filmmaker’s Co-op or delivering new Anthology Film Archive calendars to various coffee shops and bookstores, I’ve been spending a number of hours hanging out with the awesome kids who are Mother’s Favorite Pictures.  We are making a (shockingly low-budget, please donate here!) feature film this summer, and I have been honorably tasked with the role of official meta-videographer/documentarian/assistant rush-editor/extra-who-drunkenly-throws-a-Solo-cup, which means I get to be around the set of Tick Out of Time pretty much allthe time, gathering footage for my meta-movie (AKA making-of feature).  After swearing that I didn’t want to do production, I am plunging into in the guise of being a documentary filmmaker…and I’m kind of loving it.

Joey shows Dan, one of our lead actors, our IndieGoGo page; Dan is duly impressed.

Today was our first day of rehearsals with the three main actors, and their utter commitment to the project is incredibly inspiring.  They spent a lot of time discussing the back stories of their characters, read through the whole screen play, and rehearsed one of the opening scenes a number of times.  The attention to their craft was really exciting to have the chance to capture on film — I’m fully looking forward to more amazing shoots in the weeks to come.

In the mean time, you can check out what we’re doing on Facebook and IndieGoGo — we’re making a movie, and a meta-movie, kids.  Watch out!