Hello!  My name is Anna Swanson, west coast native/Midwest transplant.  I hold a BA in Cinema and Media Studies from Carleton College, and currently work as a Film/Video Intern at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. This blog is an explosion set off by my induction into the field of visual studies. Among other things, I am interested in photography, documentary film, philosophy, relationships, transgression, Japan, Mark Rothko, gender, sexuality, the body, music videos, mash-ups, memes, psychogeography, sense of self, the surface of things, situationist activities, de Certeau, Barthes, Deconstruction, typologies, hipster culture, soundscapes, film festivals, museum architecture, anthropology and feminist anthropology and visual anthropology, cities, archives, blogging, the internet, invisibility, and Lady Gaga.  I try to talk about some or all of those things here, and undoubtedly many others. This fall I will begin pursuing an MFA in Film/Video Production at the University of Iowa.

4 responses to “About

  1. Hi Anna. My name is “Rebekah” and I am also interested in “hipster culture.”

  2. Hi, I tried writing a comment here but botched it and couldn’t get it to post. I hope it works this time! I just wanted to let you know that I saw your work, “when you wish upon a star,” which inspired me to write a blog entry: http://lastgoddess.blogspot.com/2012/04/lady-gaga-marlene-dietrich-andanna.html

    • Hi Joseph! I’m definitely flattered that you took the time to really analyze and think about my work, and it’s so exciting to hear all the rich layers of meaning and interesting questions/possible answers you were able to glean from it! It’s been a true labor of love. And now you’ve inspired me to work on a post in response to your response; I’ll make sure to link to your blog. 🙂

  3. Hello Anna, Not sure if you’re still receiving updates from this site? If you are I am one of the Convenors of The Third International Visual Methods Conference (IVMC3) being held in Wellington NZ in a month or so. We have a delegate coming who will be leading a workshop on Rephotography and we wanted to put a teaser/definitional post on our conference FB page about the concept. In the search that I did it was your post (from 2011) that had some of the best interconnections between that (re)photographic method and all the other Visual Methods that we’re going to have talked about/shown down here. Would love to hear back from you. Regards, G.

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